An ideal place to work

Offices decoration is a task that requires not only knowledge of the principles in interiors design, it is also very important to investigate the tastes of the company owners. Other important thing to consider is to have a wide knowledge of safety rules, and paying attention to the needs of those who spend a minimum of 8 hours per day in the office. Below I present the principles that guide the interior design, for the purpose of commercial office:


  1. Colours set designed by our design interior are consistent with company colours. The office for me is considered as another element of corporate identity. At the centre point of the office, with greater visibility, is where we place the logo or inscription with the name of the company, so that it is highlighted, and according to the rest of the decoration (always using the corporate colours).

  2. Workplaces comply with safety rules - so I try to deploy and garnish with the job that they are functional and comply with safety regulations. Every employee has access to daylight and upper two light sources, and light office. Seats at workplaces have rules, which allow them to adapt the deviation of the chair and its height.

  3. If employees work primarily with desktop, so the office needs to have proper slide-out shelf for keyboard or keypad, with distance from the edge of the desk. What is also in the rules safety..

  4. Green and vibrant flowers are an element that I consider to be necessary in the office. On the one hand, they make it a place much friendlier, and on the other hand are a rest for tired eyes of computer, and also produce oxygen, so that the air in the office is much more pleasant.

  5. My office projects must fulfil two basic functions: representative and functional. The offices designed by me, are always a space where employees can also to relax for a short while, and for that is important to have a comfortable armchair, also a pleasant ambient to enjoy a meal, in a friendly atmosphere. Other important item for office designer is to always include a room or space destined to conference or meeting with clients. These areas are decorated in accordance with the accepted concept, with comfortable chairs and large table which could support meeting with more people, in this room should be placed in the wall the company’s logo.

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