The heart of the house

Customers often express astonishment about   decorating the fireplace as a separate element of the design interiors project. But this space is decorated in separate, because fireplace is in most cases the heart of the house. At list it was for centuries, until the moment when TV was created, and from that time picked up the attention of the house, turning to be a family's point of meeting in the house, this was observed for several years. However, the old concept has returned, and nowadays the fireplace and not the television, is the focal point of the living room to unite the family. You can also watch the combination of hybrid, where a fireplace and a TV set somehow blend into one coherent whole.

Arranging the fire largely depends on its type, apart from the variety of fireplace inserts, a fireplace decorated will depend largely on its casing. On the market are available many options, for all tastes, you can choose from modern fireplaces with metal - glass enclosure, in which the furnace is closed by a heat-resistant glass, you can find fireplaces of stone and brick, made of marble or granite, you can also decide on the cast-iron fireplace with hearth placed on the bases. Between all options in the market, the investor should make a choice, depend on the type of decoration and accessories wanted, also how much space will be used, if the place can be adapted to the type of fire. Especially because the fireplace will be the heart of the house and it flames will attracted the attention of all users of the house.

While decorating fireplaces is also very important, the choice of its location, the type of material from which the casing is made, and the colour of the walls, and the idea of ​​the whole interior. It is necessary a proper selection of fireplace accessories such as racks, fireplace utensils used to ignite the fire and space to store wood. The space above the fireplace is also an interesting place for interior design, you can instantly set up trophies and family photos, and you can build a cavity that will serve as a storage timber for fuel.

Fireplaces decoration, offers many possibilities and always generating satisfaction with the final results. Because the fireplace is the heart of your home you should devote enough attention.

Examples of arrangements: 



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